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Dr Pinson was born and raised in China until she was 18. Dr. Pinson came to the US in 1987 to pursue her dreams. She attended Marshall University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science, Major in Zoology and Minor in Chemistry. She obtained a great education from Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. She was further trained at Marshall University Department of Family and Community Health for three years. In 2005, she started Travel MD, Physicians making housecalls in order to achieve her dream of providing the best, competent and compassionate care for patients in the comfort of their own homes. Dr. Pinson is married and blessed with four children and resides in Huntington. She is actively involved in her community.  

Our Providers

Cynthia Pinson, MD, CMD

Ambryan White, MD

Nurse Practitioners

Jamie Brunetti, APRN

Suzanne Celdran, APRN

Julie Pyles, APRN

Vice President

My mother recently became a patient of Dr. Pinson - she has not had a regular healthcare provider in over 40 years. Dr. Pinson, and her staff, have been a perfect fit. Dr. Pinson has a wonderful rapport with my mom, and has accurately diagnosed and treated a medical condition in the comfort of her home. Additionally, lab studies(blood work and x-rays) have been performed at the house. My mom has greatly improved under Dr. Pinson's care . Travel MD has been so easy to coordinate with in making appointments and arranging tests and any necessary folllow-up. I would highly recommend Dr. Pinson's medical services.

Suzanne Oxley


Elderly people that live in Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes are special populations in many ways and we care for them in special ways too. We make visits weekly to Nursing Homes and we visit Assisted Living Facilities every two weeks and also make extra visits if needed. We are in close contact with the Director of Nursing and nursing staff. Any problems the residents may have are addressed promptly. Our goal is to keep them at their home as much as possible and avoid hospitalization and emergency room visits. We stay in contact with the Medical Power of Attorney and family members through face to face visits, phone calls and emails.